Microgreens are fast-growing and nutritious sprouts (like the sprouts that are often used as agarnish in restaurants and cafes). These are sown thickly in containers and looked after as you would any seeds you sow. They are harvested when they are about 3-5cm high before the sprouts start to grow their mature leaves. Use them in salads or sandwiches. 

 Resources required:
 Cut down 1 litre yoghurt containers or butter/margarine containers with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage
 Lids of containers to use as drip trays
 Seed raising mix or potting mix
 Microgreen seeds

Fill containers to near the top with seed raising mix or potting mix
Sprinkle the seeds thickly over the soil
Put a little more soil on top to “hide the seeds”
Water to dampen the soil

After sowing seeds, place in a warm light place - a windowsill works well.
Keep the soil damp and they should sprout in about 3-5 days depending on the type of seed.
Sprouts will be ready to use in about 10 days – 2 weeks from sowing.
Snip sprouts off just above soil level
Keep watering and you may get a second harvest (won’t be as many as the first harvest)