Gardening with Tamariki programme


"This is a great start up and affordable programme, where the teachers can support but Anita has the ideas, resources and follow through. Anita is always available with prompt replies for any questions around gardening. Anita is great with the children."  Zoe  Russell, Center Owner

“Children are enthusiastic about the garden, which wasn’t there before. They are very proud of their garden and respectful of it.”  Shelley Webb, Teacher

"I highly recommend the inclusion of the Gardening programme with Anita for any Preschool Centre as it supports the tamariki to connect with nature and the outdoors, the gardening experiences support holistic learning, the tamariki are learning to experiment and discover in hands on learning, therefore opening up a growing passion to be caretakers of papatūānuku for generations to come."  Janet Williams, Kaiako

“Teacher’s don’t always have the time to do this. You take time to fit the programme with the curriculum. You show commitment and think about what you do. The quality of the programme is great.”  Pat Williams – Centre Manager

“The teachers talk positively about the programme and the children are eager to engage in it. I like how you adapt the programme to the learning needs and curriculum of the centre’s and children, and that you offer wet weather options too, so the programme is consistent.”  Kate Ogston-Cornish - Area Manager

“Anita visits my son's preschool each fortnight to teach the children about gardening and growing fruit and vegetables. My son absolutely loves Anita's classes so much! He learns so much that it even surprises my Mum - who is a keen gardener herself - about how much he knows. We have even had to start our vege garden at home which is he is in charge of. Definitely recommend Anita's classes to anyone!”  Abby Reid - Parent

 Workshops and Webinars for Kaiako


"Anita, thank you for all the wonderful tips. I think the workshop was well run. I got lots of great tips for vertical gardens, for sowing and ideas of experiements with bean seeds and cotton wool."  Sue Austin, Kaiako - Workshop

"Anita recently shared her knowledge with us through a Gardening with Young Children workshop. Presentation was professional, interesting and shared in a way that included those taking part well. Also some interesting hands on activities that could be shared with tamariki too."  Julie, The Nanny Company - Workshop

"Good practical advice on how to incorporate gardening into the curriculum at the centre. Highly recommend."   Jane Fallaver-Jones, Kaiako - Webinar 

"If you have any interest in gardening, whether a beginner or been gardening for a while, there is always something to be learnt from the information shared." - Lisa Beard, Kaiako - Webinar

Professional Development for Early Childhood Centres

"The content was great. I really liked how Anita tailored the session to meet the learning outcomes of our centre planting project. Do it!!!! - we referred our sister centre to get Anita to share with their team too" - Sarah Keown, Centre Manager – PD via Zoom

"Growing Kiwi Gardeners PD is easy to follow and inspiring.  Lots of wonderful ideas. Anita is full of knowledge and shared wonderful resources. The team received new ideas and inspiration." - Fi Petersen, Centre Manager

"It helped me in gaining a better understanding of how to garden correctly and how important it is for the soil to be well looked after for things to grow and flourish in. Anita gave us great handouts and relevant information that was easy to understand. It is a fantastic way for teachers to be involved and have an understanding of gardening" - Laura Wickstead, Kaiako - PD in person