This programme operates in Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Growing Kiwi Gardeners specialises in engaging children in regular hands-on gardening experiences through the Gardening with Tamariki programme. It operates on a fortnightly basis, where I come into the centre and run a gardening session with the children. This begins with a short group time with a story or similiar, followed by the experience for the session.

The programme supports young children to learn about the whole process involved with growing their own food, from sowing a seed through to harvesting, preparing and eating the produce on a seasonal basis. Where possible we reuse or repurpose materials in order to reduce waste.

The sessions include a range of sustainably linked garden related activities to support young children's learning. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sowing seeds
  • Planting and caring for seedlings
  • Making compost
  • Investigations into what lives in the soil
  • Worm farms

Children will learn:

  • How to grow their own food from seed to harvest
  • Gardening related skills, such as using tools correctly, sowing seeds and planting seedlings
  • Science concepts, numeracy skill and the language associated with gardening
  • Social skills as they work with their peers
  • Patience and a sense of pride in their garden
  • Respect for the garden and the plants that are growing in it

What centres are saying about the programme:

“This is a great start up and affordable programme, where the teachers can support but Anita has the ideas, resources and follow through. Anita is always available with prompt replies for any questions around gardening. Anita is great with the children.”  Zoe Russell – Centre Owner, Bright Beginnings Montessori

“Teacher’s don’t always have the time to do this. Anita takes the time to fit the programme with the curriculum. She shows commitment and thinks about what she does. The quality of the programme is great.”  Pat Williams – Centre Manager, Active Explorers Rolleston

"Anita has an amazing way with the tamariki and they all sit down excited to see what she has to offer at each session. It is great to see them all wanting to get involved looking after and learning about gardening and growing vegetables.”  Sarah Rusbridge – Teacher, Lollipops Hazeldean

To find out more about this programme and how it can support children's learning in your centre please contact me

Contact Person: Anita Croft
Phone: 021 047 8844

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