Webinars in 2022
All webinars will be recorded, and participants will receive a link to the recording for one month and a PDF of the presentation.

Sustainable Practices in ECE
Thursday 7th July   7.00pm - 8.30pm    Cost: $60  Register for this webinar

This webinar will investigate what environmental education for sustainability might look like in early childhood. We will discuss why it is important that we engage young children in sustainable practices to help foster an ethic of care for our environment and each other. Using the three pillars of sustainability developed by UNESCO we will discuss and share ideas for increasing sustainable practices in our early childhood settings.

Seasonal Gardening with Tamariki in Spring
Wednesday 24th August   7.00-8.30pm   Cost $60  Register for this webinar

Gardening can be a year-round activity and is a great way to connect children with nature and teach them how to care for Papatūānuku. Spring is the busiest season of the garden as it is a time of new growth. This webinar will discuss what you can be sowing and planting in your gardens, choosing the right plants for your garden situation (whether it is garden beds or pots) and plant care over Spring.

Growing a Healthy Garden in Early Childhood
Thursday 6th October   7.00pm - 8.30pm   Cost: $60

Underpinned by the Te Whāriki strand of Belonging, this webinar will discuss ways to support tamariki to develop the skills involved in gardening and growing their own food.  In order to grow healthy food we need healthy soil so topics will include the basics of soil health, composting, crop rotation and companion planting.

Seasonal Gardening with Tamariki in Summer
Wednesday 23rd November   7.00pm - 8.30pm   Cost: $60

Gardening can be a year-round activity and is a great way to connect children with nature and teach them how to care for Papatūānuku. Summer gets hot, and plants require extra special care. This webinar will include finding the right plants for your garden, planting and care of plants over a long hot Summer to keep them thriving when we need to conserve water.

Professional Learning for Early Childhood Centres
I offer professional development for early childhood centres specialising in gardening with young children and environmental sustainability. This professional development is tailored to your centre needs and along with gardening tips and ideas, can include worm farming, compost, and environmental sustainability. Depending on your centre's needs, this can be a one-off session or a series of sessions.
Professional development is available via zoom if you are outside of Christchurch, or in person if you are in Christchurch

Please contact me to find out more about any of these professional learning opportunities
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