Make your own seed raising pots out of newspaper

Small jar or can (a baby food can or Edmonds yeast containers area great size)
Potting mix or rehydrated coconut fibre
Seeds for sowing

- Cut the newspaper into strips about 10cm wide
- Roll the strip around the can or container, ensuring there is an overhang on the can of slightly more than half the diameter (not too 
  tight or you will have difficulty removing the newspaper roll)
- When the newspaper is wrapped around the can, fold over the overhang and squish the base hard on a table to form the base of the
  pot (if it is easier put a small piece of sellotape on the base to hold it, but you will need to remove it before you plant the seedling
  that has grown in the pot)
- Gently remove the can or container from the pot
- Put in a tray with other newspaper pots
- Fill each pot with potting mix or rehydrated coconut fibre
- Sow seeds into pot and cover with more potting mix/coconut fibre
- Gently water so that the newspaper becomes damp
- Keep pot damp but not too wet
 -When the seedling is ready, plant the whole thing in the garden. The newspaper will decompose and your plant will grow

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