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A great wet day gardening activity 


Egg cartons
Felt pens
Cotton wool balls or rehydrated coir briquette for a more environmentally friendly option
Cress seeds


Remove lids of egg cartons
Divide cartons so there are 6 slots in each carton
Decorate the outside of the egg cartons
Add one cotton ball to each slot or a spoonful of coir fibre
Add enough water to dampen each cotton ball (if using coir fibre water after sowing seeds)
Sprinkle cress seeds on top of each dampened cotton ball or coir fibre
Place on a windowsill or somewhere inside that gets plenty of light
Keep moist
Cress seeds should germinate in a few days
Watch as they grow into shoots
Harvest shoots when they are about 4cm tall
Use in salads, sandwiches or just eat as they are

Add used egg carton and coir fibre to compost bin or worm farm to dispose

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