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Learn how worms break down organic matter into vermicast 

Empty 1.5 litre soft drink bottle
Small stones
Dead leaves or a small amount of shredded newspaper
Food scraps such as lettuce, vegetable peelings, banana skin (do not usemeat, citrus or onion) that have been finely chopped
Worms (collected from garden or tiger worms from a worm farm)
Black paper and sellotape

Cut the top section off the bottle and drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and a few holes about 2-3 cm from the base for air flow
Use a hole punch to put some air holes in the bottle just below the neck of the bottle
Add a small layer of stones to the bottom of the bottle for drainage, then a5cm layer of sand
Add approximately 5cm soil and a few leaves (or shredded newspaper)
Add 2-3 worms
Add a small amount of chopped up food scraps
Continue to layer with soil, leaves and a small amount of food scraps,adding a couple of worms with each layer until it almost reaches the top
Finish with a layer of soil and dampen with water
Put top back onto the base and wrap in black paper as worms do not like the light
Check periodically to see the work the worms have done
Feed and add water if necessary - worms like it damp but not too wet

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