Create a mini worm farm to help reduce some of your food waste



Ice-cream containers or small buckets with a lid
Drill with small drill bit
Egg carton
Tiger or compost worm
Food scraps (not meat, fish, dairy, bread, onion, garlic, chilli or salty foods)


  • Drill air holes in the lid of the container or bucket
  • Drill holes in the bottom of one of the containers
  • Put the container with the holes inside the the container with out holes. The bottom container will then collect with worm juice in it
  • Shred newspaper and egg carton and soak in water, then squeeze out
  • Put damp newspaper/egg carton into bottom of container with holes. This is the bedding and needs to be about 3cm thick
  • Add some tiger or compost worms (not earth worms) and the bedding that comes with them
  • Add a small amount of food
  • Put a folded piece of damp newspaper on the top to become the 'blanket'. This will help help keep the waste damp
  • Over time slowly increase the amount of food. Ensure the food is not rotting before the worms eat it
  • As you feed the worms, ensure you include a small amount of crushed egg shells and shredded newspaper so that the worm farm does not get smelly
  • Drain off the liquid that collects in the bottom container regularly
  • This liquid, with a little of the vermicast the worms create can be diluted with water until it looks like weak black tea and used as fertiliser
  • Worms like their home it damp but not too wet so make sure the farm doesn't dry out

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