Workshops for ECE Kaiako

Due to COVID-19 there will be no workshops offered in 2020

Webinars for ECE Kaiako

Webinars are offered on a regular basis, and offer flexible professional development opportuntities for kaiako. Each webinar is recorded and available for one month to all who register and pay their registration fee.

Webinars currently scheduled:

Foster kaitiakitanga through seasonal gardening:
Gardening is a great way to connect children with nature and teach them to be kaitiaki. Through full involvement in garden planning and processes children learn to respect the garden and the plants they are growing. Consistent gardening programmes that are year-round lead to children developing a greater understanding of how plants grow and how to care for them. This series of four webinars will be held at the beginning of each season and will include practical gardening tips and garden-related activities that teach children about gardening and caring for the environment. Involving children to develop responsibility for their garden will be central to each webinar.

Webinar 1 - Gardening in Spring 
September 2021
Spring is a time of new growth. This Spring gardening webinar will include practical gardening tips and garden-related activities that teach children about gardening and caring for the environment. It will also include replenishment of soil health so your newly planted seedlings will thrive, choosing the right plants for your garden situation (whether it is garden beds or pots), planting and plant care over Spring. 

Webinar 2: Gardening in Summer 
Thursday 10th December 2020, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, Webinar cost: $45
Summer can get hot and plants require extra special care. This webinar will include finding the right plants for your garden, planting and care of plants over a long hot Summer to keep them thriving when we need to conserve water, and caring for your garden if you close down over the holiday period.
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Webinar 3: Gardening in Autumn
Date to be advised
Autumn is mostly about harvesting produce. In this webinar we will talk about how to keep your plants producing, while planning what to be planting next. There will also be some tips on the basics of seed saving for next season.

Webinar 4: Gardening in Winter
Date to be advised
Winter tends to be a quiet month in the garden, but there are still things you can do. This webinar will talk about what you can grow, plant care and protection through the cold winter months. Matariki plays an important role in gardening at this time of year, so there will be some sharing of ideas on how to include the garden in your celebrations.

Build your leadership skills through sustainability
Thursday 12th November 2020, 7.00pm - 8.30pm, Webinar cost $45
The benefits of beginning education for sustainability in early childhood are becoming widely known. However, rather than being something extra for busy teachers to ‘add into’ their daily curriculum, sustainability needs to become part of the centre’s everyday life in order to support children to become active citizens and enact change.
This webinar explores how teachers can become leaders for sustainability within their centres, and in doing so inspire children to show leadership too.  Rather than being a ‘top-down’ model of leadership, sustainability leadership uses a distributed leadership model. Leaders are guided by their values and beliefs that they can enact change toward a more sustainable world. There will be the opportunity to discuss how sustainability leadership is being and can be enacted within your centre setting.
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In-Centre Professional Development

Professional development on gardening with children and environmental sustainability is available to centre teams via workshops if you are in Christchurch, or via webinar if you are in other regions of Aotearoa New Zealand. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the centre.  Please contact me to find out more about this professional development service:
Anita Croft 
Phone: 021 047 8844

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