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    An empty 1.5 or 2 litre fizzy drink bottle with label                removed

     Sharp scissors/craft knife

     Garden soil

     Green waste – flowers, leaves, kitchen scraps

      Shredded newspaper

      Handful of blood and bone (or other garden fertiliser)

      Water spray

      Packing tape

      Small square of breathable cloth (a chux cloth works well)

      String/rubber band


  1. Remove the top third of the bottle using sharp scissors or a craft knife
  2. Add a small amount of garden soil to the base of the bottle
  3. Build layers - Alternate layers of soil, green waste, shredded newspaper, small amount of blood and bone, finishing with a top layer of soil. Spray each layer with some water (especially the newspaper layer)
  4. Tape the top third of the bottle back onto the filled base
  5. Remove the screw lid of the bottle. Cover the top with the fabric and secure with string or a rubber band
  6. Place in a sunny spot and watch the contents break down over 4-5 weeks
  7. Once the contents have broken down into loose crumbly compost, use the compost to plant seeds in

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