Gardening with Tamariki Programmes                         

The Gardening with Tamariki Programme supports young children to learn about the whole process involved with growing their own food, from sowing a seed through to harvesting, preparing and eating the produce on a seasonal basis. The programme operates in Christchurch and surrounding areas and is run on a fortnightly basis. The programme runs for a minimum of three months, however, ideally it would be an on-going year round addition to your centre curriculum.

Each session is one hour long, starting with a story or similar, and followed by hands ongardening experiences. It includes a range of sustainably-linked garden related activities to support young children's learning.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • sowing seeds
  • planting and caring from seedlings
  • making their own compost
  • investigations of what lives in the soil

If a centre has a worm farm, or wishes to set one up, then care ofIf a centre has a worm farm, or wishes to set one up, then care ofthe worm farm can form part of the programme. In keeping with my sustainability principles, where possible I will re-use and re-purpose everyday items to supportchildren's learning in the garden.

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